What trainers have to say about the CELTA course

We decided to ask Anna Basarab, our CELTA trainer, some questions about the CELTA course. Here’s what she’s got to say.

1. Why do you think this course is such a crucial step in a teacher’s professional development?

In my opinion, it gives a new perspective on what a teacher has been doing for a long time. It refreshes the approaches and techniques they use in their lessons. At times, it can give them a completely fresh start.

2. What do teachers often find difficult about the course?

All the paperwork the course entails, for example, written assignments and language analysis.

3. How can teachers cope with the workload and the stress during the course?

It's essential to follow the schedule and ask questions or discuss matters with their tutor. It's also important to find some time to relax during the course, at least one evening each week, and think about something other than the course.

4. What is the funniest CELTA moment you can remember?

It's difficult to say. Every course has its own energy as there are people who make every course so special. We always have something funny during our input sessions and teaching practice lessons.

5. What was the worst CELTA moment or a difficult situation you can remember?

Perhaps being a witness of a raiders attack of the neighboring office. Our trainees were in the middle of their lessons, they remained calm and professional.

6. What would you recommend to someone thinking about taking the CELTA сourse?

I'd say that it's an unforgettable experience that will change their lives. It's certainly worth it. After the course they will look at teaching differently.