Why take Delta?

Why take Delta?

Cambridge Delta is one of the most prestigious qualifications in the world of teaching and here are some of the reasons why one would consider taking this course.

Get a better job!

A lot of international organizations value this qualification and want their directors of studies and senior teachers to have it mostly because it includes:

  • Better understanding of learners’ needs
  • Better understanding of how learning is assessed and how assessment can affect the learners’ motivation and curriculum design
  • Knowing how to develop a course and curriculum for the school
  • Overall understanding of teaching and learning processes and how to make them more effective

Find a job in another country

It goes without saying that CELTA is the first international certificate a teacher should get to try and get a job in foreign country, but for some schools it is still quite expensive to hire a teacher who is not a non-resident. Therefore, having the Delta qualification will give the potential employer more reasons to hire a teacher as they are a very valuable asset that can contribute to the professional development of less experienced teachers and the overall well-being of the company.

Become a teacher trainer

Because of the content areas covered in the Delta syllabus and the knowledge gained while working towards each module, there will be definitely more to share with less experienced teachers than after completing the CELTA course. Also, anyone aspiring to become a CELTA Trainer needs to get this qualification.

Become an even better teacher

You won’t be given a magic pill to the students for them to wake up and speak perfect English one day, but you will definitely develop new perspectives on teaching and be better equipped to help even most difficult students achieve their aims. Are you still trying to understand how to help your learners to get better at listening or speaking? Working towards the Delta qualification will provide you with more tools and a better understanding of the underlying principles of language learning and teaching for your students to finally get the results they want.

Become a student again and develop professionally

This is your chance to go back to the classroom, but this time the other students in that classroom will be great and experienced teachers who’ll be helping each other grow and develop professionally. This is your chance to learn not only from the experience of the trainers on the course, but from your peers and from yourself as well. This is the chance to finally focus on the aspects of teaching you’ve always wondered about and to research and implement them in your teaching.