Delta Module 2 with ILC - Questions and Answers II

Question: There are different ways to do Cambridge Delta Modules. You can do the Distance Delta, where you can work on all three modules over the course of 9 months, you can do each of the modules separately, or take a course which combines Module 2 with either Module 1 or Module 3. Why did you decide to do the intensive 6-week course which focuses only on Module 2?

Anna Basarab (current ADoS at ILC): I decided to do an intensive 6-week course as I’m not very good at online learning. Due to my schedule I knew I wouldn’t have been able to be fully dedicated to an online course. Moreover, I prefer face to face communication with tutors and peers. Personally I think I learn better when I stay focused on the material I’m learning and have an opportunity to implement my knowledge straight away.

How did you do Modules 1 and 3?

For Module 1 I did an online course, from which I dropped out very quickly, as I was busy and there wasn’t much control from the tutor. Nevertheless, they gave me feedback on my written work which was very helpful. I passed the Module 1 exam from the second attempt. I was preparing alone with the help of some online materials, studying passed papers and official Cambridge reports. I had a tutor for Module 3, as I think it’s essential to have an experienced tutor who can comment on your written work and advise how to meet the criteria.

What were the most difficult aspects of the course?

The course is highly demanding in terms of meeting the deadlines. On the other hand it disciplines you and helps being successful. There’s loads of useful input that you can implement straightaway and then discuss the outcomes with your peers. Having intensive days and busy weekends, preparing for teaching practice, paid right away with gaining high professionalism.

It’s obvious that the course is quite intensive, how did you manage to cope with the workload?

I tried to allocate some time for both rest and work. I deliberately took some time off to take the course. It’s vital to devote some time to yourself in order to reload a little bit to be ready for work. It’s also important not to skip any deadlines because it will cause too much unnecessary stress. Another option is to take a course in schools that offer a slightly longer course. That would also ease the stress caused by time pressure.

What do you think was the best thing about the full-time course?

The intensive course provides with a great opportunity to fully immerse in the learning process. Having an opportunity to learn from experienced tutors and peers from different countries, discussing your ideas and experimenting while teaching was priceless. Another important thing is that even though the course was intensive we had a lot of fun and I met a lot of friends there.

What do you think you gained from doing the Delta?

The course helped me raise my self-awareness as a teacher. I learned a lot about how the languages are learned and how to combine particular methods and techniques to make my students more successful at learning the language.