What trainers have to say about the CELTA course

We decided to ask Maryna Myronyuk, our CELTA trainer, some questions about the CELTA course. Here’s what she’s got to say.

1. Why do you think this course is such a crucial step in a teacher’s professional development?

It gives a clear picture of how a communicative approach works; after the course all the blocks of random knowledge on different techniques, activities and lesson stages fall into place and create a solid foundation for further development.

2. What do teachers often find difficult about the CELTA course?

The most common problems are usually with time management and paperwork. It might  also be difficult to cope with some kind of inner conflict if a trainee comes to the course with the aim to receive a grade rather than knowledge.

3. How can teachers cope with the workload and the stress during the course?

It’s very important to see the course as an opportunity for development and trainers as allies. Wise time management will definitely help as well.

4. What is the funniest CELTA moment you can remember?

I always try to spice up inputs and feedback sessions with some laugh when possible

5. What was the worst CELTA moment or a difficult situation you can remember?

Difficult situations are in most cases connected to some health problems which trainees try to conceal from the centre. It might also be difficult to work with the trainee who is not ready to accept feedback and who does not trust the trainer’s expertise.

6. What would you recommend to someone thinking about taking the CELTA сourse?

The course is worth doing, so make  the first step and in the end you will not regret that.