Exams for English Teachers (CPE, TKT, Delta Module 1)

A Cambridge certificate of English is your opportunity to study or work abroad, to obtain a confirmation of your language level that is recognized worldwide, and to prove to yourself that you really know English. The best way to get an international certificate in English is to complete the Cambridge English Language Test at ILC.

Cambridge English exams are among the most widely taken language exams in the world. Cambridge Assessment English Certificates have an unlimited validity. You will never have to take the exam again - your certificate will always be recognized by companies and educational institutions worldwide as an undisputed confirmation of internationally recognized language proficiency standards.

For those who want to make teaching English their career choice, we offer the following exams and courses.

C2 Proficiency
UAH 4150

C2 Proficiency (CPE) is an exam for those who speak English at a very high level. The candidate for this exam is able to use the language practically at the level of the native speaker. CPE is widely known in the educational, scientific and industrial institutions of the world as evidence of an exceptionally high level of English language proficiency.

Having successfully completed the C2 Proficiency exam, you will receive a Cambridge C2 Certificate. Even if you fail to successfully complete the C2 Proficiency, you can still get a C1-level certificate that corresponds to the C1 Advanced (CAE).

Exam format

The C2 Proficiency (CPE) exam consists of four parts that test five linguistic skills (reading, grammar, writing, speaking and listening). Each skill corresponds to 20% of the total score:

Reading and grammar:
• Duration - 1.5 hours
• 7 different parts
• 53 questions
• Duration - 1.5 hours
• 2 parts, where essay is an obligatory task, and the second task can be chosen
• Duration 14-16 minutes
• In pair another candidate
• 3 parts
• two examiners: one is talking to you, the other is listening; both are giving grades
• Duration - about 40 minutes
• 4 parts
• 30 questions
• Each part is listened to twice
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Teaching Knowledge Test
UAH 2100

TKT is an internationally recognized Cambridge English exam on theoretical knowledge of the communicative teaching methodology of the English language.

TKT Exam is taken by English teachers who wish:

  • to expand professional opportunities, to get new perspectives in career development;
  • gain confidence as a teacher, get their first international English teaching certificate;
  • prepare for further professional development and CELTA and Delta courses;
  • get exemption from the professional component of compulsory training for English teachers;

TKT exam consists of three main and two specialized modules. Each of them is focused on certain aspects of teaching English.

Module 1 - Language and basic principles of teaching and learning the language.

  • Terms and concepts related to teaching English
  • Factors influencing the study of English
  • Knowledge and use of materials and resources, exercises and tasks used in teaching English

Module 2 - Planning lessons and using resources and materials for language learning

  • Knowledge and skills necessary for planning lessons
  • Knowledge and ability to work with resources and assessment systems that influence the planning of lessons.

Module 3 - Organization of the teaching and learning process, as well as organization of work in the classroom.

  • Understanding the language of teachers and students
  • The skills and knowledge necessary to organize work in class

Specialization module: Teaching English for children

  • Principles of language development and learning in children
  • Strategies and skills needed to teach children aged 6 to 12 years
  • Planning lessons, exercises and resources in teaching English children
  • Conducting lessons and assessing children's knowledge

Module of specialization: subject-language integrated training

  • The processes of thinking and learning, as well as the language skills that students learn in the study of other subjects
  • Planning lessons, exercises and resources in subject-linguistic integrated learning
  • Conducting lessons and assessing knowledge in subject-linguistic integrated learning


TKT exam is conducted only in paper format, ie all responses are written in pencil on a special response form. In the exam test itself there are no open or creative tasks, you do not have to write words, sentences or essay, but only choose the correct answer.

One module is 80 questions of different formats regarding:


  • Matching
  • Choosing one correct answer from three (multiple choice)
  • Finding an extra answer (odd one out)
  • Location of answers in the right order (ordering)


The duration of the module is 80 minutes.


TKT modules can be arranged in any order, as well as one or more modules at a time. The maximum number of modules that can be made in one day is 2. For each module you get a separate certificate of Cambridge English.


The examination booklet comes to us from Cambridge, check it out there as well. You can get a Cambridge certificate, which will confirm the successful completion of the exam, in 7 weeks.


Registration for the exam ends 6 weeks before the exam date.

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Delta Module 1
UAH 5500

The Delta Module 1 exam is a summary of the first part of the Delta qualification.


It consists of 2 parts, 1 hour 30 minutes each, with a 30-minute break between them.


The first part consists of 5 tasks (labeling, short answers and long written answers).


The second part consists of 3 tasks (long written answers).


Date of the next exam - 01.06.2022.

Registration until 21.04.2022

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