International Language Centre Rules

1. General rules

1.1.    International Language Centre (School) provides Students with English (or other language) learning educational services individually or in groups by means of communicative approach.
1.2.   The document to confirm agreement between the School and the Student is the Bill for Services paid by Student. By paying the Bill, Students agree to follow the School Rules.

1.3. One semester is 6 weeks; one academic hour is 60 minutes.

1.4.    The highest number of Students in a group is 12. One more student can join the group as long as all the other Students and the Teacher raise no objection. Groups of 6 or less Students can be dismissed or integrated  into another group.

2.    Study process
2.1.    Study process takes place in accordance with the academic calendar. 2.2.    Students are placed into groups in accordance with the results of the placement testing mandatory for all new clients.

2.3.   In case the level of the Student does not correspond with the group level, the transition to another group is only possible during the first week of study.
2.4.  Students must come on time and do their homework.
2.5.   If a Student is a nuisance to other students, they must leave the room at the Teacher's request.
2.6.    If Young Learners misbehave, they can be expelled. The money for unattended classes will be refunded due to p. 3.9
2.7.    Cost of lessons missed due to other reasons is not refunded.
2.8.   At the end of each semester, the teacher conducts progress assessment and decides if the Student can progress to the next level.
2.9.    During Study, teachers are regularly changed. The rotation is mandatory and is part of the School’s teaching methods.
2.10.  The learning schedule is planned according to academic standards. The School has the right to change the teacher any time.

2.11.    Any comments on Teacher's methods are addressed to the Teacher. In case management participation to solve the issue is required, Students address the office in written form.

2.12.    If one lesson is missed due to unseen circumstances, state holiday, or other reasons not caused by the management, it is compensated by means of intensive study and is not postponed.

2.13. Upon completion of a level, Students receive a certificate to confirm their study in a learning course at the corresponding level. Upon completion of a full level course, the Student receives a Certificate to confirm the number of Study hours attended. The level is successfully completed if the Student passes the End of Level Test.


3.    Pay Procedure
3.1.    The minimum payment, for one semester, is made  before the beginning of study. Course books are not included in the payment.

3.2.   Placement in the group for the next semester is guaranteed only if the Client pays for the next semester by the end of the fifth week of current semester.

3.3.    Payment must be confirmed by the School Financial Department.
3.4.   Students have a discount for purchasing course books in School Book Centre. 3.5.   In case of a violation of payment procedure (3.1) the Client has no discount in current semester. In that case or in the event of missing one semester, accumulative discount is invalid.  Discount accumulating processes start from the next semester.

3.6.   If a Student cannot attend due to schedule change, all payments for unattended lessons are refunded.
3.7.   If a Student does not attend due to other reasons not caused by School, payment is refunded or transited for the next semester during the first week of semester.
3.8.   The only exception to 3.7 is cases when 4 or more lessons are missed by young learners due to health reasons confirmed by an official medical certificate.

3.9.Payment transitions and refunds are only issued when the Client provides a written request, their payment confirmation document and their original passport (or the parents’ passport for young learners). 


4.    Resource Center Rules
4.1.   Students can use materials of the School Resource Centre as long as they pay for it in advance for each semester.
4.2.   Students are to pay the replacement cost of all lost materials.

5.    Special conditions

5.1.    If Students have issues not regulated by School Rules, they can make a written request to management and receive an official answer within 3 days.

5.2.   Any other issues will be resolved in accordance withthe Legislation of Ukraine.
5.3.  The School is responsible for using Students’ personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection” 01.06.2010 № 2297-VI.