Everything You Wanted to Know About CELTA

Is the CELTA program offered at this school accredited directly by the University of Cambridge and, if so, is there a way for me to confirm this?

It is. We are an authorised Cambridge exam and teacher training centre. Please check the link below, you can find our centre there:



What is the total cost of the CELTA course and does that cost include materials as well as all other course-related expenses?

The cost of the course is 32,989 UAH + 128 GBP for the certificate (for the residents of Ukraine) or GBP 1129/EUR 1279/USD 1449 (for non-residents)

The centre provides the trainees with the materials they will need (stationery, coursebooks, input sessions materials etc.). You will also have access to computers and printers.


Is there a discount for registering early? 

If you register 5 weeks before the course starts, you receive the early-bird discount: the cost is 30,989 + 128 GBP for residents and GBP 1069/EUR 1209/USD 1379 for non-residents.

We run intensive four-week courses in summer only (June, July, and August). All other courses are extensive and last 12 weeks. You'll be busy every Friday 5-8 pm for inputs and Saturday 9am-5pm for teaching practice and more input sessions.


How long exactly is the course?

12 weeks extensive (Fridays and Saturdays), 4 weeks intensive (workdays only).


What sorts of facilities and materials are available at the school and would I incur any additional cost by utilizing them?

Stationary, coursebooks, printers and computers are at your disposal. No extra cost :)


What sorts of benefits might I get from this school and program that I will not get from others?

CELTA certificates are recognized world-wide, that is why the courses are supposed to be standardised. Every course is assessed by a Cambridge assessor. Any violation can cause penalties and losing the status of an Authorised Centre. Technically, it does not matter where you take your course, the standards and demands must be met everywhere.

As for our centre, we have been running CELTA couses since 2000, so we have gained a a lot of experience teaching this course.

We have the best prices comparing to other centres. What is more important, we have the best-qualified and experienced tutors to guide and teach you.


For scheduling purposes, is there anything that I should do or am required to do before or after taking the course that I should budget more time in town for?

If you arrive from a foreign country, you need correct travel documents (including a valid visa and passport).

Concerning the course, there is a pre-CELTA task you will get as soon as you are accepted. It is not mandatory, but it is helpful, especially if you have no teaching experience. There is also a list of articles and books to read and use during the course to complete the written assignments. All the books are available here, so you don't have to buy anything, though it is always useful to have your own copy.

The input sessions and the teaching practice take place in out centre (7 B. Havrylyshyn Street). You will have to cover the travel fares and meals (they are not provided).


Are there any materials that I should review before taking the CELTA course?

You should read the books from the recommended reading list, if you wish. These are the articles and books to read and use during the course to complete the written assignments


What sorts of professional networking opportunities are available at and through the school?

As a teacher training centre, we don't provide job opportunities for our trainees. However, CELTA qualified native speakers have good chances to find a decent job in Kyiv. If you seek employment, we can help you contact the best language schools. We are also interested in good teachers :)


Would there also happen to be a supplementary course offered by the school for dealing with young children and adults that I could take after completing the CELTA course? If so, how much does this course cost and where can I find information about it?

There are separate Cambridge courses: CELT-P (Certificate in teaching Primary school learners) and CELT-S (secondary). They are recommended as post-CELTA professional development if you are interested in teaching young learners. They are extensive online courses that last about 5 months with face-to-face meetings with trainers every four weeks on Saturdays. You are supposed to do online learning and do 8 to 9 (depending on a course) written assignments, and teach 3 observed lessons. Both courses include taking a TKT (Teachers' Knowledge Test)exam. Both courses cost 13,500 UAH plus 165 GBP (early-bird discounts also apply).


What is the exact address of the school?

7 Bohdan Havrylyshyn Street (former Vanda Vasylevska Street) 3 minutes walk from Politechnichny Institute Subway station in Kyiv.


Is there any assistance provided in finding accommodation near the school or is there accommodation available through the school?

Unfortunately, the school does not provide trainees with accommodation. However, we can guide you to help find accommodation for the term of the course.


Is there airport pickup available?

Unfortunately, the school does not provide any pick-up service. You can either use public transport or a taxi to get here. Both airports are within 45 min to 1 hour ride away. You can always contact our office to get advice on how to get to the centre.


Is there food available for purchase at the school or are there any cheap restaurants within walking distance of the school?

There are a few supermarkets and inexpensive restaurants within a 5-minute walk from the school. You can also buy some snacks in the building.


What are the requirements for registering and enrolling and what is the application and enrollment timeline?

You have to be over 18 years old. Since the course is very intensive, make sure that you are fully available to attend all the input and teaching practice lessons. Consider your health or any special needs.

If you want an early-bird discount, you need to register and pay at least 5 weeks before the course starts. Before that, you will get a pre-CELTA task you will have to complete and send to us. The office will arrange an interview with a tutor for you (in person or via Skype). Depending on the results of the task and the interview, you will be accepted to the course.

If you are interested in taking CELTA course in ILC, please sign up on our CELTA page.