Why take Delta Module Two Offline

We asked Iuliana Drobiazko, Language Trainer at EPAM Systems, about her Delta Module Two experience and here’s what she shared with us.

1. Why did you decide to get the Cambridge Delta?

In 2019 I had already been teaching for 9 years, and it was 3 years since I received my CELTA certificate. I thought that I had already tried out and mastered all I had been taught during my CELTA course, and I had a feeling that I was ready for more, for deeper insight into teaching, and, of course, for more challenges.

2. Why did you decide to take the intensive 6-week course?

It was easier for me to allocate a proper amount of time in summer for the intensive course than do it part-time. This is how I dealt with my CELTA course. I took it in the summer during the summer holidays when I had fewer classes and fewer students, so it was easier for me to put everything on pause and concentrate only on the course. It was a successful experience, so I decided to do the same with the DELTA M2.

3. Was the course intensive? How did you cope with the intensive nature of the course and manage to submit everything on time?

It was! Indeed! Nevertheless, it was doable. The key to success, in my opinion, is time management, upfront planning, and willingness to succeed. And as I mentioned before, it's highly advisable to put aside everything that may distract you from the course. Just be ready to devote 6 weeks to your professional development and growth, and hard work will pay off.

4. Was it helpful to have your trainers around every day?

Having trainers around was helpful not only in terms of consulting and asking questions but also in terms of support and inspiration. These people are true professionals, who have the same goal as you do – to help you pass the course successfully.

5. What was the best thing about the course?

Besides enriching your knowledge, improving old and developing new teaching skills, analysing, reflecting and experimenting, the best thing was to meet all these outstanding people, my peers, who supported me, helped me and inspired me. I was never alone. I was a part of the team, I was among like-minded people. And it gave me strength and faith.

6. If you could choose, do you think would choose to do it online now that this option is available?

Hard to say. I believe that doing this course online definitely has its advantages, at least you don't need to commute :-) Moreover, "online" is our new reality. If we want to succeed, we need to adapt, evolve and move with the times.

7. How did your teaching change after the course?

I feel that I have become more learner oriented. CELTA taught me to think more about the lesson itself, its structure, and its aim. DELTA helped me to focus more on learners and their needs. After all, we don't teach the coursebook, we teach students.

8. What would you recommend to anyone who’s planning to do an intensive Delta Module Two course?

Just do it! :-) Firstly, plan your time and do tasks as soon as you can, don't push them to the back of the drawer. Thirdly, be open to new ideas and be ready to experiment. And finally, enjoy it! :-) no matter how hard it may be sometimes, it's a life-changing experience that is full of ideas, discoveries and breakthroughs. So, take the plunge and enrol on the DELTA M2 course with the International Language Centre!