Teaching Productive Skills

How to encourage beginners to speak English? How to help generate ideas and overcome the language barrier? How to teach students to communicate successfully in English? How to encourage your students to express opinions in writing and freely use new or passive vocabulary? Are you still asking yourself those questions and not finding answers? Then you should sign up for this course in order to:

  • learn to effectively plan and organize classes aimed at developing new writing and speaking in the context of communicative approach;
  • understand the term "productive skills", as well as related theory, and find effective methods of teaching these skills;
  • master different strategies with the aim of improving the accuracy and fluency of your students’ speaking and writing;
  • learn how to give students clear, correct and purposeful feedback about speaking and writing;
  • become a confident, qualified and professional teacher with an ILC certificate.

Details of the course

The course consists of 4 classes held from 10:00 to 14:30. In order for you to feel comfortable your language level should be at least Intermediate.

Nearest date: TBA

Location: 7 Bohdana Havrylyshyna str ("Politekhnichnyi Instytut" Metro station)

Each class includes theoretical and practical parts accompanied by a tutor’s feedback and valuable advice. Not only will you acquire theoretical knowledge on teaching and methodology, but you will also be able to put it into practice.

According to students' feedback from our modular courses, they feel much more confident in the CELTA course and immediately notice improvement in the results of their own teaching.

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