Teaching receptive skills

Listening means perceiving the information carefully, understanding it correctly, and then giving your responce. The first thing you need to do is to train receptive skills in your students: listening and reading.

Everything seems easy: you need to simply listen and read. But Is it always effective and productive? If you are here, you understand that it’s not. How to quickly teach your students to listen selectively? How to teach to understand the speech flow and distinguish the necessary information? Why do people confuse words and what are the features of connected speech? What are the reading strategies and why do we need them?

This course will make life easier for you because:

• You will be able to correctly define the needs of your students and train the necessary skills;

• You will be able to explain why some or other strategy is needed to improve receptive skills;

• You will learn how to effectively plan your classes to improve reading and listening skills;

• You will learn the theory of connected speech and how to help students listen effectively;

• You will deepen your understanding of the theory of receptive skills and its teaching;

• You will try and build sets of activities with the learning purpose for reading and listening understanding all the nuances of constructing lessons based oncommunicative approach;

Teaching Process

The course consists of four 4-hour classes, from 10:00 to 14:30. In order for you to comfortably understand the contents of the course, your language level should not be lower than Intermediate.

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Each lesson is part theory and part practice, which enables you to immediately test your newly acquired knowledge and receive feedback from our tutors.

Students of our modular courses say that they immediately notice improvement in their own teaching process, and feel much more confident taking CELTA.

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