Teaching Grammar and Lexis

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Teaching English Grammar and Lexis in the context of a communicative approach features many unique challenges. Taking this course will help you overcome those challenges and gain complete understanding of the communicative methodology.

Teaching process

The course consists of 4 lessons with a trainer (online on Zoom) and some home practical classes. This way you can get 20 hours of professional development.

In order for you to comfortably understand the contents of the course, your language level should not be lower than Intermediate.

Time: online format - module lasts four Saturdays, 4 hours each (from 10:00 to 14:30). 

Cost: 1899 UAH

Each lesson is part theory and part practice, which enables you to immediately test your newly acquired knowledge and receive feedback from our tutors.

After completing the "Teaching Grammar and Lexis" course, you will:

  • learn to effectively plan and organize your grammar-oriented lessons.
  • understand the nuances of teaching various grammatical structures and categories in the English language;
  • master the techniques of vocabulary and grammar presentation, as well as working with textbooks;
  • confidently conduct different types of free and controlled practical activities;
  • receive an ILC certificate;

Students of our modular courses say that they immediately notice improvement in their own teaching process, and feel much more confident taking CELTA.

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