Classroom Management and Lesson Planning

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Prepared for the lesson for several days and then did not have time to cover all the material with the students in 45 minutes?

Time is one of the most valuable resources in our profession and is always limited by an annual plan, semester, lesson, etc. That is why ILC trainers have developed a separate special module, “Effective Classroom Management and Lesson Planning.” It was created so that you not only learn how to control the time in the class, but also use it as efficiently as possible from the stage of preparation and development of the lesson to the coordination of work in the classroom.

Teaching Process

The course consists of 8 lessons with a trainer (online on Zoom) and some home practical classes. This way you can get 20 hours of professional development.

In order for you to comfortably understand the contents of the course, your language level should not be lower than Intermediate.

Time: online format - module lasts for weeks, on Saturdays, 4 hours each (from 10:00 to 14:30).

Cost: 1699 UAH

Each lesson consists of theoretical and practical parts. You will not only gain theoretical knowledge about planning and conducting effective English lessons, but will also be able to put new principles and techniques into practice and receive qualified feedback from a trainer.

After this course you’ll be able to

  • plan effective lessons
  • choose and design appropriate materials for your learners
  • manage learning to make your lessons more beneficial for your students
  • understand your students motivation better
  • manage learning in a more confident way after some practice
  • get a certificate for 20 hours of PD (16 contact and 4 homework hours)
  • feel much more confident during the CELTA course.
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