Delta Module 3 - Coursework

Delta Module 3 consists of developing your own course under the supervision of experienced ILC tutors.

During a 10-week course, our tutors will provide you with online support and guidance necessary to complete the assignment.

The recommended dates are:

04.03.19 – 20.05.19 (11 weeks including Easter Break)

18.03.19 – 03.06.19 (11 weeks including Easter Break)

Course fee: UAH 15000

After this (if you wish to submit the coursework to Cambridge in June), the following dates apply:

Submission of Entry Form – 5 May 2019

We register you with Cambridge Assessment English as a Delta Module 3 Candidate. Important: the certificate fee needs to be paid before this date.

The cost of the certificate is GBP 80 and needs to be paid separately (it's the price for the certificate set by Cambridge).

Electronic Submission of Assignment – 9 June 2019

Any changes you wish to make to your assignment must be completed before this date.

Paper Statement of Result – 2 August 2019

Certificate — 9 August 2019

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