Modular Courses for Teachers "Fundamentals of Communicative Approach"

Modular Courses for Teachers "Fundamentals of Communicative Approach" is a unique training course developed by the ILC teachers (CELTA Trainers). It is designed for students of Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate/Advanced levels (teaching experience is not required).


Each module introduces students to the methodology of teaching English in a communicative manner. It is on the communicative teaching methodology that the famous Cambridge CELTA and Delta programs are built.


One module lasts 16 hours and consists of 4 lessons (4 hours each).


ILC offers two possible schedules for this course:

  • standard - module lasts 4 Saturdays,  10:00 to 14:30;
  • intensive (summer format) - module lasts 4 days, Monday through Thursday, 10:00 to 14:30.

MCT (Modular Courses for Teachers) provide you with an opportunity to try yourself as a teacher of English, and for those with teaching experience - to learn more about the communicative approach to teaching English.

For whom

For teachers of English, as well as those who want to try themselves in teaching, but still does not have this experience.

Teaching young learners

Methodology of teaching young learners.

Course dates
01.02.20 - 22.02.20
Language Systems

General English and teaching methodology for the theory and functions of English grammar.

Course dates
Teaching receptive skills

General English and the methodology of teaching receptive skills.

Course dates
Teaching Productive Skills

General English and the methodology for teaching productive skills.

Course dates