One-day seminars for teachers

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Training seminars on communicative approach to teaching English

One-day seminars for English teachers are designed for those who love their profession and are always looking for new inspirations and ideas in day-to-day work.

They include theory of communicative approach to teaching, practical workshops and experience exchange.

We invite teachers of English from state and private schools to take part in those seminars with tutors from our School.

Upon finishing the seminar you will receive

  • Certificate

  • methodological information on the topic of the seminar

  • a discount card for the purchase of course-books and other literature in our Book Centre

Upon finishing the seminar you will be able to

  • use the principles and techniques of communicative approach to teaching English while planning and teaching your lessons;

  • make your teaching more versatile;

  • conduct seminars for your colleagues based on the materials of this course.

If you purchase 5 or more seminars for the academic year, you get a 10% discount. 4 teachers from the same school can attend the seminar for the price of 3!

Seminars begin on 16:00 and last for 2 hr 30 min.

Price (for 1 day) - UAH 350 199


Дати проведення Теми
Discipline in a teenage classroom
Preparing students for IELTS: How to get started
ZNO Reading
Starting and ending lessons with YLs
ZNO Listening
Fun activities for language production with kids
Brining writing back into the classroom
ZNO Writing
Project work with YLs
Making grammar/vocabulary more memorable
Preparing Learners for Taking the Speaking Part of the exam






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